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Moonraker is a Vancouver-based digital PR agency. We help companies share their stories and messages with a strategic mix of brand journalism, content marketing and social media. We turn businesses into brand publishers enabling them to connect directly with their audience.


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Social technologies continue to evolve every aspect of communications strategies. Integrating branded communities, creating actionable content and managing stakeholder relations on the Social Web into advertising, marketing and PR result in successful campaigns. Earned, owned and paid media become converged media.


2018 was...a big year, to say the least 😅 A lot happened in the social media industry, so here's a round up of the 8 moments that changed social media in the past year:

2019 is when we thank privacy gods for reinforcing notion our job is to EARN reader's attention. @EditorStahl

As we wrap up the year and finish up 2018, it's important to plan ahead for the year ahead. Here's the top 5 social media trends for 2019, as predicted by @hootsuite:

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