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Bootcamp for B2B Communicators at SFU in May

I’m often asked whether there is a difference between developing go-to-market communication strategies for B2C, B2B and B2G audiences. The answer is: yes. For this reason, I discussed the idea of offering a one-day workshop designed for markcomms at Simon Fraser University (via Continuing Studies), with Peter Walton, associate director of Writing & Publishing program. Given the growing interest in this field, we’re developed a full day agenda that will cover how to connect with industry players (or stakeholders) through strategic thought leadership campaigns that build brand awareness and engage influencers.

The bootcamp will teach how to create content assets specifically for B2B audiences and show how to integrate digital and social technologies to leverage corporate content across mobile, online, and print platforms. Lots of material to cover in 7 hours!

Interested? You can register here or contact me with any questions!

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