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Technology changes everything, including how we work together. For several years now, social media managers working in advertising, marketing, and PR roles, have been asked to prove the ROI of their daily online content curations. A tough question for all, as influence isn’t as measurable as many metrics tools tout. I’m a big believer in collaboration, leveraging and micro-calendaring. In other words, join forces, know and understand what each department (or agency) is working on, and your end results will be all the better.

A current example of this integrated approach is playing in a theatre near you … specifically on Broadway in New York and in London’s West End. The Book of Mormon, from the creators of South Park, and winner of nine Tony awards, is gathering all earned mentions (in the form of tweets, Facebook posts, comments and entries to their online rewards game) and passing it on to their advertising folks. A large component of the paid media budget consists of print ads headlined with a must-follow hashtag (#LoveMormon), and dozens of  blown-up tweet testimonials running alongside the influencer’s profile picture. Throw in a few quotes from paid media and you’re looking at an example of leveraged and integrated media.

NY Times Ad

NY Times Ad

Judging from the sold out shows around the globe, the Book of Mormon’s B2S strategy is working. While it appears like a simple and logical way to combine forms of media, it’s actually quite complicated. Many of the clients I work with have to fight for budget dollars, and often have little understanding of each other’s goals. Communication and collaboration are key, and the first step to any type of shared media strategy.

Every brand is different. Those still following a traditional model are top heavy in their ad spends, enjoy intermittent word of mouth activity (based on new products or events), and  maintain a barely acceptable level of social Klout (a score of more than 50 is the minimum for consideration as an influencer) online.  More forward thinking brands put their money mostly into social, hoping that owned media (blogs, videos, podcast, e-papers, social campaigns) will translate into constant conversions thanks to viral success. Both camps of thought miss the mark. Somewhere in the middle is better, especially when you share and  leverage within, and run an integrated campaign.

To see how an integrated B2S approach can work for you, begin with an internal media and content audit. Invite everyone in your firm that creates content and places media to an informal meeting.  Content assets include employee newsletters, product advertorials, CEO keynotes, news releases, podcasts, social media authoring, conference decks, e-blasts, ad spends, artwork and creative design. What’s everyone focus this month? This week? Today? What are the specific goals of each content product? Where do goals overlap? Has one department developed content another can use? Draft laundry lists for paid, earned and owned types of media per platform. Create a high level calendar and color code campaigns based on owned, earned (in progress), and paid.

Now you’ll begin see how each effort can support the other, and perhaps more importantly, redundancies will stand out.

In my next blog post I’ll share examples of how you can begin to integrate between two types of media campaigns.




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