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#WTF are disruptive trends and how to use them


I’m reading Brian Solis’ new book on how technologies are continuing to turn business models upside down. Cleverly using the hashtag #WTF to brand the must-read textbook-ish experience, What’s the Future of Business provides guidelines on how to stay relevant in your market.

Analyzing reports that polled CMOs, Solis summarizes what’s keeping everyone up at night, otherwise know as “corporate insomnia.” The answers are what my clients discuss with me on a daily basis: big data (What do we do with it? How much do we pay for it?), social media (isn’t everyone leaving Facebook? Do we really have to be on G+?) and the overwhelming amount of channels (social, mobile, satellite, print, radio and so on) to reach influencers and stakeholders on.

Targeting mostly CMOs but offering something for everyone, business communicators and PR consultants should skip to Chapter 15, which focuses on disruptive technology. Any solid outreach campaign will benefit from incorporating disruptive trends neatly organized in this colour-coded wheel.

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