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Is Going Google a PR-driven trend?

While early social media adopters established themselves more than a year ago on Google+, the king of the Web recently announced a new set of tools available to anyone seeking digital collaboration toys. According to their PR team entire companies are incorporating these apps into their daily business grind. They call this trend “going Google.” Wouldn’t life would be so […]

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How Web 3.0 can target PR campaigns

Learn why every choice we make on the social web spells opportunity for PR.

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Natasha Netschay-Davies with Peak Communications talks about monetizing social media

Natasha Netschay-Davies with Peak Communications talks about monetizing social media with News1130 Radio (.MP3).

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Ask the experts: How do I use LinkedIn to benefit my business?

Most business people are failing to realize LinkedIn’s full potential Shane Gibson: Co-author of Sociable! and Guerrilla Social Media Marketing and chief social officer of Socialized! Ltd. With 135 million members representing every Fortune 500 company across 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professionals. It’s growing at a rate of two people per second […]

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The Untapped PR Resource of Vancouver Bloggers

Vancouver public relations experts are harnessing the marketing power of bloggers, those online influencers whose websites have become the ultimate promotional avenue If you take a trip in the time machine back to the early days of the web, before what we know now as social media was even a glint in a gawky Harvard freshman’s eye, you’ll find hand-wringing […]

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Social Reporting: When numbers matter in PR campaigns

Knowing where your stakeholder socializes is more often important than the size of a social network. Think niche community, and forget the Google+ popularity wars.

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Developing Social Media Trends

Although 2010 saw an increase in brands using social technologies, most posts on Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts were merely announcements or redirects to a corporate website. 2011 will hopefully see a truer form of engagement between business and consumer.

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If you can’t beat ’em, friend ’em and follow ’em

Public companies can’t ignore the candid conversations occurring with increasing regularity among investors on social networks, but must heed disclosure rules before joining in Business In Vancouver Curt Cherewayko Tuesday January 4, 2011 It’s likely one of the more unique uses of social media: the promotion of two largely unknown elements, tantalum and niobium. Nonetheless, Facebook and Twitter have become […]

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Why ROI metric misses value of Social PR

As director of social media for a busy PR agency, rarely a day goes by without a C-level exec asking me to prove the return on investment of social media. What they hate to hear is the truth: business metrics can’t measure the value of a communications tool.

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