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Back to messaging basics

A conversation about measuring PR begins long before a campaign launches. Learn why messages must be tied to actions.

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Thinking beyond click through metrics

Likes, shares, follows; impressions, sign-ups and downloads. Which numbers truly matter? Part 1 of 4.

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Social collaboration at work

Social media hasn’t made business a social activity. In truth, business has always been social. The power of social media is in facilitating and rewarding natural behavior in the workplace, making our communications faster, more relevant, and more visible to our colleagues.

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B.C. Labour forecasts 11% growth in digital media

B2B communications program to launch at SFU Continuing Studies

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Engage to build a community

While each brand will have its own communication style, there is a right way and a wrong. Number one rule: always acknowledge the stakeholder.

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Don’t keep your thought leaders hidden

Follower and friend counts are only part of the story. When the impact of their social messaging is considered, employee advocates look like marketing powerhouses.

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#WTF are disruptive trends and how to use them

What’s corporate insomnia? According to a new book on the future of business, it’s the result of CIOs and CMOs struggling to keep up with big data, social media and consumer channels.

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owned + earned + paid = b2s

Are you following an integrated B2S strategy for your owned, earned and paid media campaigns? First step: a complete internal media and content audit. Learn how it’s working for The Book of Mormon, a Broadway show that’s sold out around the globe.

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Do social influencers get lost in translation?

Do social media tools work differently when translation services are enabled? What I learnt from my international group of SFU students as we listened to global conversations on the Social Web

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Bootcamp for B2B Communicators at SFU in May

I’m often asked whether there is a difference between developing go-to-market communication strategies for B2C, B2B and B2G audiences. The answer is: yes. For this reason, I discussed the idea of offering a one-day workshop designed for markcomms at Simon Fraser University (via Continuing Studies), with Peter Walton, associate director of Writing & Publishing program. Given the growing interest in […]

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