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Social collaboration at work

Social media hasn’t made business a social activity. In truth, business has always been social. The power of social media is in facilitating and rewarding natural behavior in the workplace, making our communications faster, more relevant, and more visible to our colleagues.

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Do social influencers get lost in translation?

Do social media tools work differently when translation services are enabled? What I learnt from my international group of SFU students as we listened to global conversations on the Social Web

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Is Going Google a PR-driven trend?

While early social media adopters established themselves more than a year ago on Google+, the king of the Web recently announced a new set of tools available to anyone seeking digital collaboration toys. According to their PR team entire companies are incorporating these apps into their daily business grind. They call this trend “going Google.” Wouldn’t life would be so […]

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How Web 3.0 can target PR campaigns

Learn why every choice we make on the social web spells opportunity for PR.

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