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Is Going Google a PR-driven trend?

While early social media adopters established themselves more than a year ago on Google+, the king of the Web recently announced a new set of tools available to anyone seeking digital collaboration toys. According to their PR team entire companies are incorporating these apps into their daily business grind. They call this trend “going Google.” Wouldn’t life would be so […]

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2018 was...a big year, to say the least 😅 A lot happened in the social media industry, so here's a round up of the 8 moments that changed social media in the past year:

2019 is when we thank privacy gods for reinforcing notion our job is to EARN reader's attention. @EditorStahl

As we wrap up the year and finish up 2018, it's important to plan ahead for the year ahead. Here's the top 5 social media trends for 2019, as predicted by @hootsuite:

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